<i>I’ll Take You There</i> Is an Unflinching Exploration of Nashville’s Social Justice Sites

Unlike the traditional guidebook you might find in a gift shop or hotel, I’ll Take You There foregrounds the struggles and achievements of people’s movements toward social justice. I’ll Take You There, edited by Learotha Williams and Amie Thurber, is co-authored by more than 100 writers, including academics, community members and students of Vanderbilt University’s Community Development and Action program. In some cases, the guide tells us the hidden stories about the places we know, like Centennial Park, which became a site of the struggle for integration. In other cases, it surprises us with a juke joint where a civil rights activist loved to sing, or a Hispanic grocery store that represents the economic agency and cultural fortitude of our city’s Latino population. Throughout the volume, the voice of the late, great civil rights hero Kwame Lillard rings true, reminding us that Nashville is only as powerful as its people.


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