Best Pop Artist

Photo: Nolan Knight

When Reggie Williams Jr. moved to Nashville from Central Florida, it was a leap of faith. Nashville has never exactly been seen as a destination for pop music, but for Williams, that was part of the appeal. “L.A. and New York and Atlanta and Chicago, all those places have sort of a tradition of a sound,” he told the Scene in April. “I did not see that in Nashville, and I saw that as an opportunity to try to create my own lane.” On R.LUM.R’s debut EP, Afterimage, he deftly articulates that lane, transforming the acoustic language of his guitar-based songwriting into soulful synth-pop ballads fueled by an unstoppable falsetto. With Afterimage, R.LUM.R proves that he’s not just a Spotify star, but an integral part of the rising tide of Nashville pop. LANCE CONZETT

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