Best Metal Band

Greywoods attacks heavy music from all sides. There’s a thread in their sound that makes it tempting to call them post-metal, but they’ve set themselves apart from all the pedal-hopping Neurosis clones by seamlessly weaving together a spectrum of diverse musical ideas. On their full-length debut Hellgazer (dropped via the homegrown Meltface Records label in February), Greywoods sears its riffs into the darkened hearts of Music City headbangers. Alternating between circle-pit rippers and glacial sludge (often within the same song), the caustic quartet brings chaotic blasts of Converge and The Jesus Lizard into the forms defined by black-metal thrashers and Black Sabbath worshippers. Greywoods will make you grateful that your ears are ringing the next day. P.J. KINZER

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