Best Hillsboro Village Temple of Carbs

Photo: Daniel Meigs

Eating in Hillsboro Village can be a surprisingly complex series of if/then decisions. Depending on the vibe sought, who you’re going with and what else is on deck for the evening, the choice can be daunting. But after having worked in the Hillsboro Village area for nearly 20 years, I’m here to tell you that not only is Nicoletto’s the option that scratches the itch for comforting carbs, but it’s the first time since we lost Taste of Tokyo (a beloved reference I do not casually make) that I have a “usual” (radiatori, pink sauce, Italian sausage and peppers). Much like Nicoletto’s East Nashville outpost, the Hillsboro Village spot has quality ingredients, prepared swiftly and with care, with maximum comfort. Swoon. JASON SHAWHAN

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