Best Food-Related Social Media

When personal chef Charles Hunter III started to lose work during the pandemic, he took to his Twitter and Instagram accounts — @thesaltedtable on both platforms — to connect with food-loving folks. He live-tweeted step-by-step photos of what was cooking in his own kitchen — pecan-crusted lamb chops, cornbread croutons and grilled sweet potatoes — and whipped followers into a frenzy with friendly but heated debates about which brand of mayo is best (the correct answer is Duke’s). The best part, though, is his willingness to play virtual personal chef to the masses — if you Venmo him a buck, he’d give you delicious tips for what to do with the random or unfamiliar ingredients you have hanging around the house, from spaghetti squash to fermented honey. Follow him today, become a better home cook tomorrow. MEGAN SELING

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