Best Bake Sale

In September 2019 — after we’d already tallied up all the votes for last year’s Best of Nashville issue — Dozen Bakery hosted a big ol’ bake sale to benefit Immigrant Families Together, an organization that works to support and reunite families that have been separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. It may well have been the biggest (and arguably best) bake sale Nashville has ever seen. The Wedgewood-Houston bakery was packed with stacks and stacks of goodies from City House, Bang Candy, East Park Donuts and Coffee, Rolf and Daughters, Henrietta Red and more, and the selection of treats was so tempting that it resulted in a line of hungry supporters long enough to wrap around much of the building. (I waited for nearly an hour for my chance to shop, I regret nothing.) It was a delicious call to action, and Nashville didn’t disappoint. It’s hard to resist resisting when dessert is involved. MEGAN SELING

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