Best Group Exhibit

"Untitled: Analogous," Alicia Henry

Curator and artist Jamaal Sheats’ Topography exhibit, which ran from October through November last year at Tinney Contemporary, traversed old themes of memory, community and individuality with fresh, innovative talent. Using the conceptual act of mapping, the artists riffed on relationships between people and place, and the complexities therein. Each participating artist in Topography was African-American, and the sheer sizes of the six works made them imposing. Featuring pointed works by Sheats, Alicia Henry, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Wesley Clark and Alfred Conteh, the exhibit insisted that the viewer acknowledge the power of black voices speaking about black experiences. Topography’s centerpiece was Clark’s massive wall sculpture of the United States, made from new wood layered with repurposed old two-by-fours, scraps and tree limbs, which made visible the layered and complex relationships among generations of Americans. ERICA CICCARONE

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