Best Bubble Tea

Traditional bubble tea is usually made with shelf-stable powders — powdered cream, powdered flavorings. But at Royal Boba, drinks are made with your choice of fresh whole, soy or almond milk, whole fruit and loose-leaf teas. The sweetness level is adjustable on a scale of 0 to 3, and the shop also offers an assortment of toppings. Are the oversized black tapioca pearls not your jam? Try basil seeds — tiny black seeds that form a gelatinous coating in liquid — or assorted fruit jelly, brightly colored cubes that taste like those syrupy fruit-cocktail cups from grade-school lunch. The seasonal offerings are always on-point, too — from matcha-flavored shaved ice to boba-loaded piña colada smoothies made with fresh pineapple. MEGAN SELING

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