Best Pizza

Photo: Daniel Meigs

Tony Galzin, chef and owner of Nicky’s Coal Fired, clearly knows what he’s doing in the kitchen, but the real star of the show is Enrico, the custom coal-burning oven that deserves every ounce of praise for the eatery’s thin, crispy, perfectly charred Napoletana-style pizzas. Of course Galzin’s culinary expertise and creativity help, as does the arsenal of fresh, high-quality and — whenever possible — locally sourced ingredients incorporated into Nicky’s ever-changing assortment of pies. Pizza purists will be delighted to find classic Italian flavors, but those with an adventurous appetite will always be surprised by how Galzin works in surprising ingredients, like summer squash, spicy honey or fresh peaches, as well. Just be sure to thank Enrico when you visit. NANCY FLOYD

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