food and drink NS 2021

Let’s start with a brief Merriam-Webster moment. First, what’s ube? A sweet purple yam from Southeast Asia. Second, what’s pandesal? It translates to “salt bread,” a soft, fluffy roll made of flour, yeast, sugar, oil and salt. In the Philippines, pandesal is eaten for breakfast. In Nashville, during COVID 1.0, it was eaten all the damn time because PandesalTN would deliver these addictive little suckers straight to your door. The MVP? The ube pandesal with American cheese. You know those cheese-cracker-peanut-butter sandwiches that are all the more delicious because that combination should be disgusting? Such is the pandesal principle, and it’s a beautiful thing. (NOTE: As of June 2021, PandesalTN is currently on hiatus to streamline operations.)

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