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Let’s face it: It’ll always be hard to top cozying up to the bar in High Garden’s brick-and-mortar location sipping on a handcrafted potion. Enjoying these medicinal mocktails was the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon, and the thoughtful herbalism behind each one guaranteed you were getting far more than just a tasty tonic. High Garden has been running a robust online store since their building was destroyed in the March 2020 tornado, giving fans the chance to purchase the shop’s beloved dry tea mixes, but their menu of elixirs remained out of reach. Now back by popular demand, some of High Garden’s most popular potions are once again available — some assembly required. Available as a concentrated mixture, each shippable brew can make up to 12 servings per bottle. Mix one up, close your eyes — in that order, preferably — and imagine you’re back in the High Garden store that we all miss so much.

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