Gumbo Bros to Team Up With Pinch Boil House for Viet-Cajun Crawfish Party

When The Gumbo Bros. opened in the Gulch, they proved themselves by delivering on their name. Not only could they pull off gumbo z’herbes, but their Roast Beef + Debris Gravy po’boy gave us a little NOLA in Nashville. The biggest test of Cajun clout, however, came when they launched Sunday crawfish boils — and man, did they pass. Huge, well-seasoned mudbugs come on your personal tray (a COVID-times necessity), along with correctly cooked (read: not mushy or beaten-to-death) corn and potatoes. Throw in Abita draft beer and Conecuh sausage and you’ve got a Louisiana-level boil that puts others in town to shame.

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