food and drink NS 2021

Few salty and sweet combos are as strong as the pairing of a Wendy’s chocolate Frosty and their crispy hot fries. Magic happens when that steaming, crispy potato wand is dipped into the ice-cold, creamy concoction. It’s hot, cold, sweet, salty, crispy, smooth — a beautiful dance upon your tongue. Fryce Cream in 12South believes in the French fry/soft serve combo so much they’ve built an entire eatery around it. Fries are $7, a cup or cone of vanilla or chocolate soft serve is $4.50, or you could have ’em both for $10. Accoutrements are also available — for the fries, they offer dips like soy chili aioli and fermented peach barbecue sauce, and the ice cream can be finished off with anything from sprinkles or fig jam to caramelized maple bacon that they lovingly call Pig Candy.

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