Rather than just joining the chorus of futile tut-tutting over gentrification, New Orleans transplant and Nashville native Lindsey Langley (aka Lynclair) is preaching a potent alternative: revitalization that lifts and invites a community without forcing out its longtime citizens. Better still, she’s doing it by example in her adopted home, the Katie Hill neighborhood off Brick Church Pike, working to improve the lives of residents and not just their property values. Langley volunteers on multiple fronts as a community organizer, including affordable housing, while pushing to rebrand the neglected neighborhood for residents of all income levels. At the same time, she has mounted school-supply drives, toy drives, clothing drives, even a GoFundMe campaign for 11-year-old shooting victim Keon Malone and his family, who were faced with crushing expenses after a stray bullet from a nearby dispute left the boy with critical head injuries. Want to avoid the tense flare-ups between old and new in communities across the city? Start by showing a genuine interest in your neighbors’ well-being.

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