Best Indoor Playground

Photo: Daniel Meigs

A treasure trove of kids’ entertainment, the Adventure Science Center is a must for rainy days, scorching summertime afternoons or really just any day when you and your youngsters feel like pairing learning with a bit of fun. Yes, the science exhibits are fantastic and not to be skipped — it’s a chance for a kid to learn (and to be occupied) for hours. But the center of the building, deemed the Adventure Tower, is a playground free-for-all. It’s filled with slides, climbing ropes, giant instruments designed to teach about sound (feel free to re-create that scene from Big while your children look on in confusion and embarrassment), a vertebrae ladder, and levers designed to lift elevators. Bonus: There’s a great view of the city at the very top of the 75-foot structure. Single-day attendance is a little bit pricey, but the family membership is a steal. At $109 for two adults and all the children in your household, you only need to visit three times a year to get your money’s worth, and the center also has special discounts for families who qualify for SNAP nutrition benefits. ELIZABETH JONES

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