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Boomtown-era Nashville is full of all kinds of wackadoodle new businesses and development projects (and a sudden surfeit of bowling-centric bars for some reason), but one in particular seems spawned from a particularly wicked fever dream. Remember Marc Bulger? The two-time Pro Bowler had a pretty decent career, mostly with the post-Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams. Never really a superstar, he was always worth a midround pick in your fantasy draft back in the Aughts. After retiring in 2011, Bulger — like so many former pro athletes — felt he needed to satisfy that competitive spirit. No, he didn’t get into coaching or commentary. Bulger got into … curling? You know, the sport with the rocks and the brooms that we all pretend to be experts about every four years. Bulger — along with fellow former NFLers Jared Allen, Keith Bulluck and Michael Roos (the latter two both former Titans) — even tried to qualify for the Olympics. Now Bulger, who has since moved to Middle Tennessee, wants to open a curling bar and restaurant in West Nashville. Because sure, what the hell? Oh, and it’ll have bowling too (of course).


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