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Virghost, the Nashville-residing rapper born Durand Somerville in Memphis, has a lot to say about many things — from the power of relationships and the importance of family, to the injustice of racism and police violence and beyond. The mature perspective he brings also lends itself well to telling clowns he doesn’t have time for them.

“Better View,” a standout piece from his great 2020 album Ghost Tape, is a fine example. “Hatchback,” from his follow-up LP Ghost Tape 2, is another. The track hit the web earlier this week, with a sideways-sliding groove produced by KingPin Da’ Composer, who co-founded independent label Capitol Minds with Virghost and Kxng Klxpsy. As the track slinks along, Virghost takes aim at folks who tell him he’s too “Memphis” to get over in Nashville and too “Nashville” to represent Memphis — as well as those who’d waste his precious time: “Day after day I ain't takin' no breaks / They serve me that beef and I’m cleanin’ your plate.”

Check out the track and buy Ghost Tape 2 (which also includes his great singles “Biggie Freestyle” and “60 Feet”) through the Bandcamp embed below. Virghost posted an Instagram note earlier today explaining that the new record is very different from its predecessor. "I was just listening back to it as a whole today and actually listened to my words," Virghost writes, noting that it's been a difficult week for him. "All the things I been feeling, this week, this month, this year, that I've been purposely keeping to myself, somehow still found their way into my lyrics." It’s officially out at midnight, but you can get a preview a few hours early when the whole thing streams live on YouTube at 7 p.m. Keep an eye on Virghost’s Facebook and Instagram profiles for updates.

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