Best Classical Music Radio Host

Some classical radio hosts display little concern on air for those who don’t share their knowledge, seeming to consider expanding the music’s reach and appeal to be a hopeless task. But thankfully there are exceptions to that rule. John Pitcher’s wonderful Sunday morning radio show Fearful Symmetries, airing 10 a.m.-noon on WXNA-FM, is certainly one, both in style and the scope of music offered. While the focus is on contemporary classical music, Pitcher (also a former Scene staffer and longtime contributor) celebrates the music’s traditions without being restricted or hampered by them. He’ll sometimes intersperse more familiar classical material with chamber music, avant-garde compositions and more, as well as periodic interviews with movers and shakers in Nashville’s classical world — all the more important in light of Nashville Public Radio’s August announcement that classical programming will soon move to online and HD radio broadcasting only. Every two-hour show offers a journey into a world that’s far more diverse and compelling than is often depicted. RON WYNN

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