Best Art-World MVP

Photo: Daniel Meigs

Bryce McCloud has long been a champion for Nashvillians, whether through his Our Town public art projects or the series of portraits he organized for Noelle. It’s no surprise, then, that when COVID-19 took over our city, McCloud was quick to action. His Communication Station, an oversized marquee in the back of a pickup, was emblazoned with friendly but direct messages that functioned almost like haiku: “Normal never / really / worked / let’s try / something kinder.” Then came a series of public-service-style graphics, like the one with a dog and cat tapping their hind paws together, encouraging others to “put the PAWS on handshakes.” Not every artist has the visual command of unironic kindness that McCloud does, and it’s a quality we appreciate this year especially. LAURA HUTSON HUNTER

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