Best Art Installation

'No Fly Zone," Nuveen Barwari

Coop Gallery invited local artist Nuveen Barwari to use the gallery as a residency in the month of August, and her show No Fly Zone was tactile, educational and straight gorgeous. The installation could be called a textile collage, although that doesn’t seem to do it justice. Tapestries streamed down from the ceiling. An altered Persian rug on the floor resembled a portal. A large wall piece called “OPERATION THINK PINK quilt” was juxtaposed with traditional Kurdish garments and American pop-culture images. Part of Barwari’s work is uncovering the lives of Kurdish activists and artists whose voices have been suppressed. She paid tribute to them here, framing their photos with brightly colored fabrics and silk flowers. Throughout the month, she used the space to facilitate conversations about peace, protection, history and heritage. ERICA CICCARONE

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