Best Album

Photo: Angelina Castilllo

To write and record Bully’s third full-length, Sugaregg, all frontwoman Alicia Bognanno had to do was ... well, abandon every creative comfort she’s ever known. After prioritizing her mental health and treating the debilitating symptoms of recently diagnosed bipolar disorder, Bognanno made the conscious decision to trust her gut — a practice that, surprisingly, wasn’t a priority in the past. Not only did she give up her usual role as producer, inviting John Congleton to take the helm, she also made good use of instruments she never dared use before, like sleigh bells, an EBow and an acoustic guitar. The result is a record that’s loaded not just with Bully’s trademark melody-driven grunge gems, but some ethereal, contemplative jams too, all of which encompass a lightness you couldn’t hear in past efforts. Sugaregg is Bully’s best album yet. And if we’re lucky, it’s just the beginning of Bognanno’s newly found creative confidence. MEGAN SELING

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