In January, local TV station WSMV walked away from a Nashville institution named Demetria Kalodimos. Allow us a moment of personal privilege to say: That’s bullshit. After more than 30 years as a constant source of news and information and real reporting — which can’t be said for all TV news anchors — Kalodimos was forced out by the station. By giving her the ax, the station severed ties to its golden age. This being the media business, Kalodimos is not the only one. Her former WSMV colleague Alanna Autler, a great reporter in her own right, left the station and is looking for a gig as of this writing. While we’re at it, a few of our own former colleagues — J.R. Lind and Steve Cavendish — are on the market as well. It’s been a tough year (decade, era, etc.) for media. If you see one of these folks (or a number of others) out and about, you should buy them a beer. STEVEN HALE

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