Black gun inside the car

Nashville gun owners, if you're reading this, here's something we can do in the new year: If you insist on owning a gun, don't leave your gun in your car; if you insist on leaving your gun in your car — please stop leaving your gun in your car — then secure it out of sight and lock your damn car and take the keys with you. 

The Metro Nashville Police Department says 1,287 guns have been stolen from vehicles in Nashville in 2021 as of this writing. That's 3.52 guns stolen out of cars every day of the year. It's one gun stolen from a vehicle every seven hours. There are a lot of guns, and a lot of people are stealing them quite easily. The MNPD says (emphasis theirs) "more than 70 percent of ALL guns reported stolen in 2021 (1,825) were taken from vehicles." 

These statistics, as the MNPD notes in a release, come in the context of vehicle thefts, which themselves are made easier by the number of people leaving their keys in their cars or even leaving their cars running unattended. Weird behavior. 

We have apparently settled on living in a society awash in firearms. Let's at least be a bit more careful with them in 2022, whaddaya say? 

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