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If you’re lucky, you live long enough for your tastes to change. But some things don’t really change all that much, in spite of the passage of time and the shifts in perspective that come with it. Though she stepped out of the limelight several years ago and hasn’t stepped back in just yet, Caitlin Rose remains among the best songwriters in a city with more than its fair share of them.

Recorded with Mark Nevers at the now-demolished home where his studio Beech House Recording resided for decades, Rose’s 2010 debut album Own Side Now — whose distinctive stylistic blend includes ’60s and ’70s country, confessional ’70s roots-pop and much more — was the culmination of many years’ work. Nonetheless, Own Side Now was a landmark effort from a constellation of young players who were just finding their feet.

Listening back, it’s kind of mind-boggling that most of the folks you hear on the album were in their early 20s. In songs like “Own Side Now,” “For the Rabbits” and “Shanghai Cigarettes,” Rose charts complicated emotional territory with finesse and sophisticated humor that veteran songwriters many years older still struggle to match. Unless you know your Fleetwood Mac catalog pretty well, you might not recognize “That’s Alright” as a cover.

Rose has announced a special 10th anniversary reissue of the record, which appropriately enough comes a year late. The album took top honors in the Scene’s annual Top Local Album’s Critics’ Poll in 2010, though it didn’t get a domestic release in the U.S. until 2011.

“It was when I was at my most naive that nobody doubted me and I could create something so temporal and honest,” Rose writes in a release. “Nashville has become something very different from what it was when I was 21 — which is probably true of most towns, and it’s striking to think that the house where this album was recorded doesn’t even exist anymore. I loved this town then, and still do, but I hope when people listen to these songs again they can pick up on that strange, uncertain magic that I and everyone involved in this project, this era, were experiencing at that time.”

The reissue, which has been remastered, is set to hit the digital and physical racks Oct. 1. The vinyl edition includes a bonus 7-inch featuring “Whatchoo,” a long-shelved track that appeared on Bandcamp last summer, and another unreleased track called “Only Lies.” There are a whole bunch of goodies that come with the new physical version, including a lyric sheet and a holographic sticker. There are also some T-shirt bundles — visit your favorite record store or check out this handy link for pre-ordering and pre-saving options.

Below, check out a karaoke-style lyric video for “Whatchoo” by Sarah Goldstein. Also, take a listen to the remastered version of the raucous and groovy “Shanghai Cigarettes.” And for a bit of a nostalgia ride, check out the music video for that song, filmed around the city.

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