The 2017 Rock 'n' Roll Poll

For our annual Rock ’n’ Roll Poll, we at the Scene once again dialed up a select group of Nashville’s finest rockers, rollers, bloggers and bookers, and asked them what got their attention — good and bad — in the local scene this year.

What local artist/band ruled Nashville in 2017?

Margo Price. —Alex Caress, Larissa Maestro, Terry Rickards, Evan P. Donohue, Michael Eades

I’d have to say Ms. Margo Price and her crew did some serious damage. The woman is a force, not one measurable amount of quit in her. Also? That’s a goddamn BAND. —Steve Poulton

Six sellouts at the Ryman + artist-in-residence at the Country Music Hall of Fame = Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. —Heather Lose

Bully. —Deezy Violet, Alex Mojaverian, Jesse Rhew, Michael Eades

Twen. —Leah Miller, Todd Sherwood, Chappy Hull, Kathryn Edwards

R.LUM.R. —Jared Corder, Taylor Cole, Liz Meade, Chris Sunday, Kent Marcus, Samantha Zaruba

Daddy Issues. —Ale Delgado

Little Bandit. —Rashad tha Poet

Bermuda Triangle. —Ariel Bui

Black Venus. —Kari Ames

B|_ANK. —Maddy Madeira

Ron Gallo. —Samantha Zaruba, Gary Branigan, Kent Marcus, Caroline Bowman, Ariel Bui, Jenna Mitchell

Liz Cooper and the Stampede. —Samantha Zaruba, Gary Branigan, Kent Marcus, Caroline Bowman 

Fever Blush, fka Lean, aka my jam. —Mikey Owen

Tim Gent; Rashad tha Poet; BeHoward; Priestess of Planet X. —AL-D

Datenight; Ornament. —Zachary Prosser

Queens of Noise. In their first year, they’ve already played the main stage at Tomato Fest and opened for Tristen. —Tiffany Minton

Soulman Snipes; Mutual Groove; L Roy Da Boy; BeHoward. —Virghost

Skyway Man; Tristen; Lillie Mae; Becca Mancari; Coupler; Ornament; Sun Seeker; Kesha. —Sam Smith

Spodee Boy; Blank Range. —Cam Sarrett

Aaron Lee Tasjan. —Jerry Pentecost

Soccer Mommy. —Olivia Scibelli

Okey Dokey. —Tyler Walker

What local artist/band is going to rule in 2018?

Every single band that is going to perform at Southern Girls Rock Camp’s showcase in July. —Sarah Bandy

Probably some badass Rock Camp kid’s band, or Country Westerns. —Mikey Owen

Becca Mancari. —Alex Caress, Ariel Bui

Twen. —Deezy Violet, Alex Mojaverian, Ale Delgado, Gary Branigan, Chappy Hull

Fever Blush. —Weston Sparks, Katie Banyay, Ale Delgado

Joshua Hedley, the definition of a “country crooner” and a multi-tool musician. —Joseph Hudak

Madam President, baby! Get ready. —Leah Miller

Microwave Mountain. —Gary Branigan, Caroline Bowman

Meg Myers. —Ariel Bui, Evan P. Donohue

Tom Violence. —Maddy Madeira, Zach Prosser

Daddy Issues but even more. —Ale Delgado

Sad Baxter. —Jared Corder, Ale Delgado, Gary Branigan, Michael Eades

Ellen Angelico, one the greatest utility players in Nashville. May she continue to reign! —Tiffany Minton

Biyo; Katie Pruitt; Ashley Leone; Wilder; Andreas Moss; Devin Dawson; James Droll; Liza Anne. —R.LUM.R

Bryant Taylor. —Mike Floss

The Jag; Nordista Freeze. —Taylor Cole

Virghost; Petty. —AL-D

Dancers; Zach Halfhill. —Zachary Prosser

Ttotals. They rule every year whether people pay attention or not. —Lawndry

Datenight, ’cause they’re freakin’ ferocious and it’s about damn time for their LP to come out. —Jonathan Marx

Bentley Caldwell; Soulman Snipes; Mutual Groove. —Virghost

New Man; Patrick Damphier; Tower Defense; Yon Ort; two new secret projects called The Robe and You Drive. —Michael Eades

Ponychase. —Beth Cameron

Watcher; Sallow. —Chappy Hull

Music Band. —Jesse Rhew, Jenna Mitchell

Kacey Musgraves; Joe Pisapia; Kai Welch. —Sam Smith

Sun Seeker; Soccer Mommy. —Cam Sarrett

Devon Gilfillian; Molly Tuttle; Joshua Hedley. —Larissa Maestro

Daniella Mason. —Liz Meade

Amanda Shires. —Jerry Pentecost

I wish it was Concurrence. They are probably the best Nashville jazz band in decades. But the kids seem to like Arlie. —Chris Sunday

Billy Raffoul; Jillian Jacqueline; Devon Gilfillian. —Kent Marcus

Kashena Sampson. —Terry Rickards

What was your favorite discovery this year?

Twen. —Weston Sparks, Ale Delgado, Kari Ames, Olivia Scibelli, Caroline Bowman

WXNA’s weekday afternoon lineup. Especially Rock and Roll High School, Fridays at 3 p.m. —Joseph Hudak

Friggin’ Donors! —Leah Miller

DJ Chill. —Mike Floss

Thayer Sarrano. —Alex Caress

Dream Chambers. —Katie Banyay, Maddy Madeira

Wu Fei and chatterbird are collaborating on an amazing project where they live-score videos from the Nashville Metro Archives. —Sarah Bandy

Republican Hair. —Todd Sherwood, Samantha Zaruba

HARI. —Deezy Violet, Alex Mojaverian

Musically, Katie Pruitt. Emotionally, Julien Baker. As performers, Biyo or Andreas Moss. —R.LUM.R

I met Imani (aka IAMLove) through a music education program called Girls Write. She wrote and produced her own album called Experimental Philosophy. —Tiffany Minton

Jordn; BEZ; Blizz; Tiara P. —AL-D

Champagne Superchillin; The Pills. —Caroline Bowman

Cavalia, as it is commanded. —Zachary Prosser

Facemajik. —Mikey Owen

Chris Townsend. —Virghost

Molly Tuttle, the first woman to win the IBMA’s Guitar Player of the Year Award. —Larissa Maestro

Cutting Heads DJ night at L.A. Jackson. —Jerry Pentecost

Luthi. —Kent Marcus, Samantha Zaruba

Chaos Emeralds. —Tyler Walker

The Brummies, Monica Martin and the wormhole under the secret place with the scary monsters. —Jeremy Ferguson

John Richard; The Medium; Welles. —Evan P. Donohue

BRiLeY. —Brian Siskind, Michael Eades

Woodsplitter; Elite Geographic; Mom and Dad. —Michael Eades

Birdcloud’s Twitter and Jasmin Kaset’s drummer, Tyler Coppage. —Beth Cameron

Black Moon Mother. They play with the same energy whether it’s a room of five or 100. —Jesse Rhew

Kyshona Armstrong’s live show. Holy moly! —Heather Lose

The history and music of Sarah Records. Also, “S.O.S.” by ABBA — the song and video make me feel both the gravity of the music and full-on weightlessness. —Cam Sarrett

Best/worst band breakup of the year?

Soft Option and Essential Tremors can fight it out for this one. Some of them probably already are. —Steve Poulton

Mom and Dad. —Samantha Zaruba, Taylor Cole, Gary Branigan, Ariel Bui, Lawndry, Larissa Maestro, Jenna Mitchell, Tyler Walker, Caroline Bowman

Mom and Dad meant a lot to me. Sad to see her die. RIP. —Leah Miller

The worst is the affordable housing market in Nashville breaking up with the artists who drive this economy. According to Open Table Nashville, you can fill Bridgestone Arena with the amount of people who experience homelessness in our city. Fair-market rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,399 a month. That is criminal. —Tiffany Minton

Every Nov. 1 when the Boo Dudes descend into their crypts. —Kari Ames

Roman Polanski’s Baby. —Olivia Scibelli, Ariel Bui, Zachary Prosser

Allen Thompson Band. —Todd Sherwood

Dudette; Clear Plastic Masks. —Ariel Bui

Negra. —Mikey Owen

Promised Land Sound. —Chris Sunday

Big Surr. —Caroline Bowman, Evan P. Donohue

I wish they’d all break up! —Jeremy Ferguson

Best music story of the year?

The way the Nashville music community came together to help those in its ranks affected by tragedy. Whether it was a concert to raise funds for guitar hero Todd “Toddzilla” Austin or a teary memorial for drummer Ben Eyestone, a number of benefits proved that Music City takes care of its own. —Joseph Hudak

The outpouring of love in our community during a year of death and loss. —Alex Caress

The tender way our community enfolded Jessi Zazu with profound, generous and complete love in her last few months of life. —Heather Lose

Anything on Jessi Zazu was moving me so much that I wrote a lot more than I had in a long time. What an inspiration she was to our community! —Taylor Cole

Numero Group releasing a boxed set of Jackie Shane’s music. She’s a black, transgender soul music pioneer from Nashville, who came up in the 1960s. —Tiffany Minton

WXNA on the air for one whole year and kickin’ ass the whole time! —Maddy Madeira

Saving Grace Project and the hurricane relief benefit shows. —R.LUM.R

Jessica Lea Mayfield speaking out about her experience with domestic abuse, leaving her abuser and releasing a badass masterpiece of an album. Nothing will stand in her way! —Deezy Violet

Sturgill Simpson busking outside the CMAs. —Cam Sarrett, Larissa Maestro, Evan P. Donohue

The saga of Ashlee K Thomas’ “Ghetto” music video. —Mikey Owen

YK Records opening an office in Nashville. —Beth Cameron

Drkmttr reopening. —Olivia Scibelli

Fyre Festival. —Larissa Maestro, Jenna Mitchell

Dolly Parton + Kesha + Steelism. —Jerry Pentecost

When Noel Gallagher said he liked METZ but thought they probably looked like nerds. —Chappy Hull

What trend would you like to see left behind in 2018?

Sexual predators as artistic gatekeepers. Asking women carrying gear if they’re the girlfriend or the merch girl. —Larissa Maestro

People not using their privileges to work to dismantle oppressive systems. —Sarah Bandy

The patriarchy. —Alex Caress

I’ll just quote myself and Olivia Scibelli from last year’s poll, because things haven’t changed entirely: “Our peers staying out of politics and not speaking out about messed-up things within the local scene.” Kudos to those who have. —Katie Banyay

People feeling the need to mention when a band has a woman in it. Gender isn’t real, stop trying to point it out. —Deezy Violet

Corporations using buzzwords like “experiential” and “immersive” as smokescreens to sell branded art to music fans. —Tiffany Minton

Contemporary outlaw country. —Joseph Hudak

“Authentic Country” that really isn’t all that authentic. —Chris Sunday

Death. —Jesse Rhew, Jared Corder, Beth Cameron

Xanax. —Mike Floss

Unnecessary temporary or permanent closing of DIY spaces. “Music City” my chapped, white ass. Also, please have ridden a horse at least once if it’s boots and cowboys for you. —Steve Poulton

Boring bands. —Leah Miller

I’d like to see more people up front at shows instead of paying money to stand by the exit sign! —Taylor Cole

Segregation in the hip-hop community. —AL-D

The same bands playing every big show or fest in Nashville. There’s a lot of good bands! Do some research, folks! —Chappy Hull

While I know I won’t see fewer tribute nights in 2018, I would love to see more local bands as openers in order to expose audiences to the greatness of our local original music. —Michael Eades

Nazism, sexism, racism, toxic masculinity and mental health stigma. —R.LUM.R

Donald Trump. —Virghost, Jenna Mitchell, Maddy Madeira

Stylizing your name or your record title in all caps. —Liz Meade

Band names with no vowels, and as always, stupid hashtags. —Kent Marcus

The Grateful Dead worship (again), young people dying (I’m not grateful). —Jeremy Ferguson

Who deserves more coverage than they got in 2017?

Dream Chambers. —Weston Sparks

Cordovas. —Joseph Hudak

Darrin Bradbury. —Alex Caress

nobigdyl. —Rashad tha Poet

Chris Davis and the shows he presents as FMRL. Much respect to all bookers, but dude has brought more adventurous music to Nashville in the last 20 years — music that never would have been heard live here otherwise — than anyone, period. —Steve Poulton

Creature Comfort and the local hip-hop community in general. —Samantha Zaruba

Jacob Disedare. —Deezy Violet, Alex Mojaverian

Biyo; Bantug; Katie Pruitt; Caleb Groh; Mike Floss; Tim Gent. —R.LUM.R

Telefones; The Medium. —Gary Branigan

Petty; FU Stan; D.O.U.G.H. —AL-D

Shell of a Shell (not sure if they want it, though). —Zachary Prosser

Charlie Worsham. —Terry Rickards

Crypt of Carmilla, for all the ghoulie babes out there. —Kathryn Edwards

Tram Planet Records. —Mikey Owen, Cam Sarrett

Soulman Snipes; Mutual Groove; Bentley Caldwell; BeHoward; L Roy da Boy. —Virghost

Black Cat Sylvester. —Brian Siskind

Makeup and Vanity Set deserves more dues for the insane amount of quality music he puts out. —Michael Eades

Donors. —Chappy Hull

Muddy Roots founder Jason Galaz. —Heather Lose

Nashville meme accounts. —Cam Sarrett

Stereo Specter. —Liz Meade

Andrew Combs. —Jerry Pentecost

Birdtalker; Shmuck the Loyal. —Kent Marcus

Soft Bodies. —Tyler Walker

Sexual misconduct in the music industry. I’m here for it. Keep speaking out so we can dethrone them! —Tiffany Minton

What was your favorite local record of 2017?

Deep Dream by Daddy Issues. The songs are powerful, sharp and true — the lyrics alone are worthy of winning this category. I’ve probably listened to it 100 times. —Robert Ellis Orrall

Virghost, No Sleep Under the Circumstances. —Rashad tha Poet, AL-D

Jessica Lea Mayfield, Sorry Is Gone. —Katie Banyay, Jenna Mitchell

Soulman Snipes and KingPin Da’ Composer, Classic Soul Project 2. —Virghost

Skyway Man, Seen Comin’ From a Mighty Eye. —Michael Eades, Todd Sherwood

Idle Bloom, Little Deaths; Paramore, After Laughter. —Beth Cameron

Little Bandit, Breakfast Alone. —Larissa Maestro, Terry Rickards, Tiffany Minton, Michael Eades

Tristen, Sneaker Waves. —Sam Smith, Evan P. Donohue, Jeremy Ferguson, Gary Branigan, Caroline Bowman

Margo Price, All American Made. —Cam Sarrett, Alex Caress

Travis Meadows, First Cigarette. —Joseph Hudak

Crave On, Evergreens. —Steve Poulton

Kelly Hoppenjans, Dreaming Is Easy —Samantha Zaruba

Derek Hoke, Bring the Flood. —Todd Sherwood

Yautja, Dead Soil. —Maddy Madeira, Chappy Hull

The By Gods, Move On. — Deezy Violet, Alex Mojaverian

Bantug, Blue; Paramore, After Laughter; JMR, Boyish. —R.LUM.R

BeHoward, Plan Be. —Mike Floss, Virghost

Phangs, Get in My Arms. —Taylor Cole

Soccer Mommy, Collection. —Zachary Prosser

Los Colognes, The Wave. — Alex Caress

The only record I listened to was Young Breh’s Rap Mansion. —Mikey Owen

Daniella Mason, Daniella Mason. —Liz Meade

Becca Mancari, Good Woman. —Tiffany Minton, Samantha Zaruba, Alex Caress

Lilly Hiatt, Trinity Lane. —Jerry Pentecost, Terry Rickards, Alex Caress, Heather Lose, Tiffany Minton 

Ron Gallo, Heavy Meta. —Chris Sunday, Caroline Bowman

Mike Floss, Tennessee Daydreams. —Kent Marcus

Bully, Losing. —Olivia Scibelli, Jesse Rhew, Caroline Bowman

Charlie Whitten, Playwright. —Tyler Walker

What was your favorite local song of 2017?

Lilly Hiatt, “Trinity Lane.” —Alex Caress

Lilly Hiatt, “The Night David Bowie Died.” —Taylor Cole, Terry Rickards

Mike Floss, “Sasha.” —Rashad tha Poet

Tristen, “Glass Jar.” —Sarah Bandy, Jared Corder, Chris Sunday

“Invention III: Gifts from the Ebb Tide” by Coupler when I’m doing watercolors on my living room floor. Proh’s “New Boyfriend” is very good for workout dancing. —Sarah Bandy

Whoa Dakota, “Patterns”; Republican Hair, “Miss Prince.” —Samantha Zaruba

Mark Fredson, “Bitchin’ Summer.” —Todd Sherwood

Liza Anne, “Paranoia.” —Jared Corder

Holy Mountain Top Removers, “Feverdreamer.” —Kari Ames

Shill, “You Lie.”  —Maddy Madeira

Katie Pruitt, “Ordinary”; Devin Dawson, “All on Me.” —R.LUM.R

Jon Latham, “Major Key.” —Joseph Hudak

Daddy Issues, “I’m Not”; Kesha, “Woman.” —Ale Delgado

Shmuck the Loyal, “Cough.” —Mike Floss

The Inscape, “Step Away”; Bermuda Triangle, “Suzanne.” —Caroline Bowman

“Solvency” by Faux Ferocious makes me wanna set fire to a Gateway PC. —Zachary Prosser

Zook, “Grass.” —Lawndry

Idle Bloom, “Dust.” —Kathryn Edwards

Loss, “Horizonless.” —Mikey Owen

Soulman Snipes, “Southern Girl”; Truth Clipsy, “No Safety.” —Virghost

IAMLove, “Feel the Rain”; Thelma and the Sleaze, “Secretary”; Becca Mancari, “Golden.” —Tiffany Minton

Sad Baxter, “Baby.” —Jenna Mitchell, Caroline Bowman

Margo Price, “A Little Pain.” — Evan P. Donohue, Kent Marcus 

Super Duper, “Nothing Scares Us.” —Kent Marcus

Bully, “You Could Be Wrong”; Jessica Lea Mayfield, “Sorry Is Gone.” —Olivia Scibelli

The Jag, “A Star Is Born.” —Caroline Bowman, Tyler Walker

Steelism, “Anthem.” —Jeremy Ferguson

Julien Baker, “Appointments”; Madi Díaz, “It’s Okay to Be Alone.” —Beth Cameron

Little Bandit, “Sinking.” —Sam Smith

Little Bandit, “Scattered and Smothered”; Happy Little Trees, “Full Steam Ahead.” —Larissa Maestro

Faux Ferocious, “Solvency”; Jessica Lea Mayfield, “Offa My Hands”; Smart Objects, “The Autumn Man.” —Michael Eades

Soccer Mommy, “Last Girl”; Ornament, “Family Happiness”; No Ritual, “Me 2.” —Cam Sarrett

Maybe it’s because I lost my dad this year, but “If We Were Vampires” by Jason Isbell unravels me, every damn time. —Heather Lose

Best show of the year?

Mdou Moctar; White Rope; Noname; Naan Violence. —Sarah Bandy

Nameless Fest III.  —Maddy Madeira, Zachary Prosser

Charly Bliss or Cherry Glazerr, both at The High Watt. —Deezy Violet

U2 at Bonnaroo. —Joseph Hudak 

JayVe Montgomery and Ryan Jewell at Betty’s Grill, any show Susan Alcorn played, Joe McPhee at the Legion, Mdou Moctar at Fond Object, or Marshall Allen and crew at the Legion with Kenito Murray behind the drums. Every one of these was an FMRL joint. —Steve Poulton


Kesha with Old Crow — a dream I didn’t know I had. —Ale Delgado

The Ben Eyestone memorial show at The 5 Spot. —Alex Caress, Todd Sherwood, Larissa Maestro

Big Boi, with myself and The Street Band Clan opening. —Rashad tha Poet

Boy Harsher with Hold, Erika Gluck and Serration Pulse. —Katie Banyay

Both Spewfests! —Alex Mojaverian

I’ve never felt so alive as when I saw Paramore at the Ryman. It reminded me why I started music. —R.LUM.R

The Jag comeback show at Mercy Lounge. —Taylor Cole, Samantha Zaruba

Cold Lunch Black Out. —Gary Branigan, Caroline Bowman, Jenna Mitchell

She’s a Rebel 3: A Girl Group Tribute Show. —Ariel Bui, Heather Lose, Larissa Maestro, Tiffany Minton

Not really a show, but my favorite event is the open-mic cypher every Tuesday at Bearded Iris Brewery. —AL-D

The Drkmttr comeback shows. DIY isn’t dead, sometimes it just takes a nap. —Kathryn Edwards

311 and Pilfers at Marathon Music Works was slightly better than Far Out Fest. —Mikey Owen

Getting to see Jessi, Emmett and Oakley Wariner and Linwood Regensburg play a few songs in the middle of the Art & Soul exhibit was a pretty special and inspiring moment. —Jonathan Marx

Southern Girl Sundays hosted by Soulman Snipes. —Virghost

Kool Keith at The Basement East; The Jesus Lizard at Cannery. —Brian Siskind

Kendrick Lamar at Bridgestone Arena. —Sam Smith, Jerry Pentecost

Pile with Gnarwhal and Husband Stitch at Drkmttr. —Cam Sarrett

Daniella Mason with EZA and Jessie Early at The High Watt. It was a full-blown laser-light show featuring some of Nashville’s best pop acts performing for an over-capacity crowd. —Liz Meade

Bermuda Triangle’s debut, or Patrick Sweany with Aaron Lee Tasjan, Little Bandit and Brian Wright during AmericanaFest. —Terry Rickards

The one the kids put together on their own and didn’t invite you to because you’d narc. —Jesse Rhew


Mike Ackley and Karl Merkley: musicians, Lawndry

AL-D: founder and host, Meant for the Milk Crate; host, The Fringe Radio Show on WRFN

Kari Ames: WXNA DJ; founder, Far Out Nashville

Sarah Bandy: executive director, YEAH!; member of Hula Hi-Fi, Lady Condor, Melissa Drone Harp

Katie Banyay: bass for Idle Bloom, Stone Jack Jones and Utopia Brigade

Gary Branigan: Cold Lunch Recordings

Caroline Bowman: Cold Lunch Recordings; Vinyl Tap; your biggest fan

Ariel Bui: musician; activist; founder, Melodia Studio; host, Hello Hooray on WXNA

Beth Cameron: recovering musician, Forget Cassettes, Ponychase

Alex Caress: frontman, Little Bandit

Chris Cobb: co-owner, Exit/In and Marathon Music Works

Taylor Cole: talent buyer, The East Room; frontman, Tayls; drums, Creature Comfort 

Jared Corder: performer, *repeat repeat

Ale Delgado: cassette hoarder, Infinity Cat

Evan P. Donohue: front of house, Margo Price; vocals, Moruga Scorpio

Michael Eades: YK Records; We Own This Town

Kathryn Edwards: show mom; Drkmttr collective co-wrangler; music booking bae

Jeremy Ferguson: Battle Tapes Recording; earth human; hobby napper

Mike Floss: musician

Joseph Hudak: senior editor, Rolling Stone Country

Chappy Hull: guitar and vocals, Gnarwhal, Shell of a Shell; Drkmttr volunteer

Heather Lose: WXNA co-founder and board president; idealist

Maddy Madeira: member, Sallow, Thirdface; Drkmttr volunteer

Larissa Maestro: member, Poly, My So-Called Band; co-founder, Nashville Concerto Orchestra

Kent Marcus: partner, Marcus & Colvin, entertainment law firm

Jonathan Marx: DJ, WXNA; member emeritus, Lambchop; general chump

Liz Meade: founder, Elizabeth Meadia

Jenna Mitchell: bass, Daddy Issues

Alex Mojaverian: drums, Sad Baxter

Leah Miller: co-director, YEAH!; graphic designer; musician

Tiffany Minton: drummer; music educator

Robert Ellis Orrall: producer; Infinity Cat guy; band dad

Mikey Owen: bass, Ascent of Everest, Lawndry; Master of Scaremonies, Boo Dudes

Jerry Pentecost: drummer; DJ; style coach

Steve Poulton: Taurus

Zachary Prosser: artist/songwriter/producer, Z; existential jester

Rashad tha Poet Rayford: actor/soul conveyor; hip-hop/jazz-hop

Jesse Rhew: dictator for life at RudeTech Guitar Effects; thrall of the Boo Dudes

Terry Rickards: talent buyer, The Basement and The Basement East

R.LUM.R: musician; songwriter; P.O.C.; anime fan; Tekken enthusiast

Cam Sarrett: distribution, Third Man Records; drums, Big Surr

Olivia Scibelli: member, Idle Bloom, Husband Stitch; Drkmttr volunteer

Todd Sherwood: dude of all operations, The 5 Spot

Brian Siskind: beatmaker, Beat Hollow Records; filmmaker, Those Drones; co-host, Art Fight Club podcast

Sam Smith: drummer; producer; album-cover designer

Weston Sparks: drums, Idle Bloom

Chris Sunday: manager, Bedlam Music Management

Deezy Violet: musician; the “Sad” in Sad Baxter

Virghost: rapper; founder and organizer, Villematic showcase; member, Capitol Minds

Tyler Walker: member, Meth Dad; producer; performer; party starter

Samantha Zaruba: CEO, LunaSea Media; semi-professional music lover

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