The Food Issue 2021

Lord knows most of us have spent plenty of time in our home kitchens over these past 12 months and change. Your old pals at the Scene even managed to create and publish a cookbook, Nourish Nashville, inspired by our time cooking from home while in lockdown. (Shameless plug: Visit this link to get your hands on a copy of that.)

Now, as the city — and the rest of the country — eases its way toward loosened restrictions and low COVID-19 case rates, the Scene decided to talk to some local food-scene experts about how the past year has gone, examine some ways to make your home-dining experience better and more. Our annual Food Issue comes in four parts. First, we survey some of Nashville’s most notable chefs — Maneet Chauhan, Margot McCormack, Kahlil Arnold and many more — about socially distanced dining, cooking from home and food-and-drink pivots. We also take a look at local CSAs, highlight a handful of Nashville’s take-and-bake meals, and get the dish on four local kitchenware purveyors.

The Chefs’ Guide to Eating in Nashville

13 chefs tell us what they love to pick up, scarf down or try out when they’re going stir-crazy

By Ashley Brantley

Loving the Land

With CSA participation up during the pandemic, more Nashvillians are learning to utilize and appreciate local produce

By Jennifer Justus

Taking and Baking

Five local take-and-bake dishes that are the next best thing to cooking it from scratch yourself

By Scene Staff

Ware It Out

Stock your cabinets with ‘useful art’ from these four local kitchenware purveyors

By Chris Chamberlain

The Food Issue 2021

Otaku Ramen Tantanmen Ramen Kit Plated on Salt Ceramics

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