Tiny Dino's!

Local artist Devin Drake makes miniatures. Astonishingly accurate, painstakingly constructed ones.

He makes tiny Super Soakers and musical equipment and throwback game systems and vendor carts. Even teeny little copies of the Scene. You name it, the guy makes it — but little. Drake's miniatures are so good, in fact, that we gave him a Best of Nashville award last year for Best Tiny Art.

Well, would you like to own some of Drake's work? How about a beloved piece of East Nashville, in miniature form? Now through Aug. 23, Drake and Dino's are holding a raffle, and the winner gets to take home the artist's gobsmackingly accurate model of the East Side burger-and-beer joint (pictured).

Tickets are $10 apiece and available only at Dino's. The best part? Drake says a large portion of the proceeds will go to Gideon’s Army, the North Nashville activist organization you can read all about in this 2019 Scene cover story. Some of the raffle funds will also go to the artist himself.

Unlimited entries are allowed, and Drake says a winner will be chosen at random on Aug. 23. So get to the Dino's and get yourself a ticket just as soon as you can. And in the meantime, get a load of these diminutive Dorito's.

Tiny Dino's 2!

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