Rissi Palmer

Rissi Palmer is part of a proud and growing group of Black women vocalists who embrace and sing country without regret, apology or explanation. She’s been performing it with vigor and flair since her 2007 debut LP Rissi Palmer, which featured the singles “Country Girl” and “Hold On to Me” and got enough airplay to make the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. She’s had other fine releases, but since August of last year, Palmer has occupied another vital position. She’s emerged as a knowledgeable and entertaining broadcaster, advocate and historian who each week provides portraits and examples of Black contributions to country through her valuable podcast Color Me Country. This program puts in the spotlight numerous Black, Latinx and Indigenous performers, many of whom otherwise would have no forum for their music. Palmer also conducts engaging and revealing interviews with them, able to connect not only as a fan, but as an artist with a shared history of battling stereotypes and false notions about authenticity within a genre. Color Me Country is a must for anyone who wants more than a superficial understanding of country’s real roots, and the lengthy history of Black participation and involvement within it.

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