Sparkle City Disco by Autumn Dozier

Just before the Fourth of July, the Sparkle City Disco crew celebrated nine years of motivating asses on the dance floor. Back when they got their start, a vinyl-centric disco and proto-house dance party might not have been the exact move you’d expect from the duo of David Bermudez and Jonas Stein. After all, Stein is best known around town for raucous rock bands like Turbo Fruits and Be Your Own Pet, and Bermudez is best known for aiding and abetting such endeavors; he also helped launch much-loved holiday tradition The Spaceship of the Imagination.

But persevere they have, and now they’re ready to take the next step. We’re very pleased to premiere the duo’s first original composition, co-written and co-produced with fellow disco-head Ken Sable. In the embed below, take a listen to “Shadow Lane,” a throbbing slice of minor-key, synth-laced, mostly instrumental music that’s most definitely meant to be danced to.

Italian prog heroes Goblin aren’t the first group that probably comes to mind when you think “disco,” but the menacing Vocoder vocal in “Shadow Lane” immediately sent my mind in the direction of Goblin’s theme from Dario Argento’s Tenebrae. Check it out below and hear for yourself. You may or may not hear the tune slipped into the set as Sparkle City Disco warms up the crowd for Moon Taxi this fall. You can find "Shadow Lane" on your favorite streaming service with this handy link; keep an eye on the duo’s Facebook and Instagram profiles for updates.

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