There’s a lot of important discussion to be had in Nashville about tourism and the honky-tonk industrial complex. One one hand, it sometimes feels like the city cares more about catering to the parties of bachelorettes (and sometimes bachelors) that flock to town than it does about solving a host of other serious social and economic problems. On the other hand, those problems are not the bachelorettes’ fault.

That said, it’s hard not to get a frustrated with the phenomenon — especially when you’ve been stuck in slow-moving traffic behind a woo wagon for the umpteenth time. So what do you do with that frustration? If you're Westwood Avenue, you write a song about it.

The new country-leaning band is led by Ryan Jennings of psychedelic country-rockers Teddy and the Rough Riders and Carter Brallier of Santa’s Ice Cold Pickers, the group of country ringers who play weekly at Santa’s Pub. The two grew up on the Hillsboro Village street that gives their band its name, and they’ve witnessed a huge amount of change and development over the past three decades. “Bachelorette Screams,” a catchy Tin Pan Alley-esque ditty from their forthcoming debut album Westwood Avenue, gently prods at the party crowd. As Brallier sings, with an assist from the great Erin Rae (who has her own new LP Lighten Up due in February), “I've been searchin’ / But it’s hard to find / The love of your dreams / Beneath the bachelorette screams.”

Today, we’re very pleased to premiere the music video for the piece. Above, see Brallier, Rae and Jennings, adorned with tiaras that glimmer and sashes that read “Go Home,” strolling through the neon canyon and singing to director Joshua Shoemaker’s camera. Westwood Avenue is finished and set to be released on a date TBA in 2022 — follow the group on Instagram for updates.

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