Since the release of her outstanding rock LP That’s How Rumors Get Started last summer, Margo Price has released some fine supplementary tracks and other materials that emphasize the strengths of the individual songs. If you listened to cuts from the album — or maybe alternate takes like the “synthphonic” version of “I’d Die for You”— and thought, “Dang, I’d like to have that as a single,” you’re not alone. Price has announced A Series of Rumors, a 7-inch subscription series featuring songs from Rumors as well as some special bonuses.

Below, take a listen to the studio version of “Long Live the King,” a fan favorite from Price’s live shows. The ballad puts a spotlight on three highly regarded figures — Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon. Each had a massive impact despite their lives ending too soon, and in the case of King and Lennon, being cut short by gunmen. Aside from celebrating their lives, Price notes in a release that another key point of the song is to recognize the imperfect nature of all three. “No one is without flaw, and they each had a duality in their personalities,” Price writes. “This song is also about not idolizing celebrities or putting people up on a pedestal, because we are all human and we all make mistakes.”

Give that a spin and visit Price’s online store for more info on A Series of Rumors. There are three monthly shipments upcoming, beginning with a special limited-edition box set containing the first seven singles. Per the above poster, that includes “Twinkle Twinkle” backed with a cover of Bobbie Gentry’s “He Made a Woman Out of Me,” “Letting Me Down” backed with the aforementioned synthphonic “I’d Die for You,” “Hey Child” backed with “Long Live the King,” and four more (“Heartless Mind,” “That’s How Rumors Get Started,” “Prisoner of the Highway” and “Stone Me”) each with B-sides that remain a surprise until your box arrives. You've got a chance to see Price in person coming up very soon, as well: Friday, May 28, she plays the above-ground amphitheater at The Caverns with support from husband Jeremy Ivey.

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