Cheap Eats: Pupuseria Salvadoreña — Bean and Cheese Pupusas — $2.50 each

Bean and Cheese Pupusas at Pupuseria Salvadoreña

Fried cheese. Is there anything better? I live for those hot, oily coins of cheese with crispy edges hugging the still-chewy goodness inside, not toughened by the heat of the griddle. The pupusas at Pupuseria Salvadoreña — on Welch Road, right off Nolensville Road — are served with several of those coveted fried bits. The filling that has oozed out of the center of the tender corn cakes cooks to a deep, dark brown, and those melty and crispy puddles cling to the edges of the pupusa until you gleefully pull them off and pop them into your mouth. Like a little amuse-bouche, from the pupusa to you. Like many pupuserias, Salvadoreña offers its corn cakes with a variety of filling options — cheese, squash, beans, pork, loroco, etc. — but I usually go for one bean and one cheese. Sometimes I just cut to the chase and order two cheese. They’re just $2.50 a pop, so you might consider going for three. Don’t do it. I’ve attempted eating three pupusas — several times, in fact — but even at my hungriest, with the heap of spicy and vinegary slaw that comes on the side, and an ice-cold horchata or Coke, ordering three has always defeated me. Get two pupusas. Get a tamale or a taco if you feel as though more food is necessary — thankfully, at Pupuseria Salvadoreña, those are just as exquisite.

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