Nashville Reopening Plan to Begin Monday

After two years of operation, Citizen Market has announced on social media that it will be shuttering on Christmas Eve. The market is an offshoot of Citizen Kitchens, a membership-based commissary kitchen that allows fledgling food businesses to reduce their start-up costs by sharing kitchen space.

Led by industry veteran Laura Wilson, Citizen Kitchens will continue to operate out of two locations in West Nashville and Hunters Station on the East Side. Until now, Citizen Market has been a valuable way for many of the kitchen renters to showcase their wares at retail.

Among the small businesses and entrepreneurs who have depended on Citizen Market as a primary retail outlet are local favorites like CaityPies, Radical Rabbit, Cocorico Cuisine, Kuyah Jamaican Patties and numerous other small ventures that have taken advantage of the market’s pop-up space to serve customers and earn new fans.

In the announcement of Citizen Market’s closing, Citizen Kitchens made clear that the makers will still offer their products through other outlets like local farmers’markets and other small shops, and they urged Nashvillians to continue to follow and buy from the displaced vendors. Whenever you have the opportunity to buy local, please consider some of these small businesses who have encountered a significant speed bump in their path toward commercial success.

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