Watching the Tennessee state legislature is an extremely dry task. Our leaders are not blessed with brevity or straight-forwardness. But if there’s a bill you’re especially interested in, capitol.tn.gov keeps a log of each one — and each time it’s discussed — with a time-stamped video clip.

Thank you to the people who sit through these meetings and make these clips. It saves so much time, and makes it clear and easy to trace the path of a bill. It’s especially useful to reporters, but is accessible enough that anyone can benefit, even if it’s not your job to keep an eye on these things.

The AV team gets the videos up relatively quickly, and includes a date, a time, a location and the length of each clip. What a gift. As the legislature starts back up in January, it’ll be their time to shine again.

The part of democracy where the people are supposed to be one check on the government? These video clips make that more doable.

—Hannah Herner

Health Care Reporter, Nashville Scene and Nashville Post

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