“Keeping up with the changes” is a skill you have to learn to in order to play well with other musicians. It’s also good advice for navigating living on Earth with 9 billion other humans today. 

In her new single “Changes,” singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun reflects on the work of staying centered and focused, even though it’s hard to turn anywhere and not find something to at least be concerned about, if not have a panic attack over. As the mellow groove unfolds, accented by acoustic guitars, sax and a gently stirring drum beat, she sings, “Even when I'm tired and low / There is gold in this / River that is carrying me home.”

The track previews Oladokun’s forthcoming LP Proof of Life, which she co-produced with an outstanding crew consisting of Mike Elizondo, Ian Fitchuk, Dan Wilson and Alysa Vanderheym. Paired with the announcement is a music video for the song, directed by Whitney Wolanin, that emphasizes what a release notes is a key theme of the album: finding and celebrating the simple pleasures that get us through the chaotic world we live in. 

Above, see the camera follow Oladokun on a day off, during which she takes a little fishing trip in spite of the world catching fire — you see it when a papier-mâché model of the globe bursts into flame and the forest around Oladokun’s fishing spot starts to smolder. I’ll avoid spoilers here, but she responds to the conflagration in about the best way you can.

“I started making music because I wasn’t hearing from the ‘everyday human being’ on the radio,” says Oladokun in a release. “I hope this resonates with anybody who feels normal and needs a little musical boost to get through the day. I’m average. I do this job because I love what I do. I put so much care, craft, and intention into it. I’m making music to live to.”

The album hits streaming services and stores on April 28. Oladokun has a big year of touring planned, which includes opening for Noah Kahan and John Mayer on the road (including Mayer’s stop at Bridgestone Arena on March 24). She’ll also headline a show of her own at Brooklyn Bowl on May 12 (tickets aren’t available to that one just yet). Keep an eye on her Instagram profile for updates.

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