The days continue ticking down till the release of Fear of the Dawn, the first of the two LPs Third Man Records jefe Jack White is set to release this year. Last month, White released the self-directed music vid for the positively apocalyptic “Fear of the Dawn,” and he’s followed that up with a single that’s a bit different.

Check out the visualizer for “Hi-De-Ho,” another track from Fear of the Dawn. It feels a bit like White is harking back to the exploratory nature of Boarding House Reach here, as he blends some aggressive electronically enhanced rock with … a salute to jazz hero Cab Calloway and some rapid-fire verses from A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip? Sure, why not.

If we’re imagining that the songs are narrating the perspective of some folks who’ve survived a catastrophic happening, “Hi-De-Ho” could fit in at the point in the story where they’re gathering their strength and convincing themselves not to give in. As Q-Tip raps: “Hurt ’em real bad / Like Stevie Wonder with ‘Contusion’ / It’s a guitar chuck coming from Chuck Berry / Hi-de-hi tones, Minnie Rip’, Mariah Carey / Olajuwon post moves, LeBron or Embiid / Everybody got it in em, find yours and succeed.”

In addition to its appearance on the LP, which is out April 8, you’ll find this song on the A-side of a special tri-color limited-run 7-inch, backed with “Queen of the Bees,” a track from the follow-up album Entering Heaven Alive, which lands July 22. Take a listen to the groovy, marimba-kissed "Queen of the Bees" — anyone else get a Kinks vibe from it? — below. The 7-inch, by the way, will only be available at Third Man’s Cass Corridor outpost in Detroit beginning on April 9, coinciding with the start of White’s Supply Chain Issues Tour.

Said tour winds its way back to Music City for a two-nighter at Ascend Amphitheater on April 30 and May 1. Check out Third Man’s website for all the preorder info on the two albums, and see White’s website for ticketing details.

Correction: An earlier version of this post mentions a salute to Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher." While that song does include some "hi-de-ho" lyrics, it's not the only Calloway song to do so. And Jack White's "Hi-De-Ho" actually contains a sample of another one of those songs, "The Hi-De-Ho Man, That's Me."

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