Glamorous hedonism is strangely attractive, despite all the evidence to the contrary. (See: a hefty quantity of artistic expression, e.g. The Great Gatsby.) It’s not hard to feel drawn to all the stuff you’ve been told isn’t good for you.

Interrogating all this is at the core of “Nasty Habits,” a disco-kissed single from Nashville rocker Amy Darling. The tune reflects on a period the Bay Area native spent in Los Angeles, “Eating, drinking, fucking / In my minimal existence,” as she speak-sings atop the seductively greasy, “Miss You”-esque groove. The aim of the song is to question the moralizing that’s often baked into discussions about self-destructive behavior, or as Darling sings: “I ask myself / ‘If these habits are so nasty / Then why do they feel so good?’ ”

Today, we’re very pleased to premiere the music video for the single, directed by Darling’s fellow local musician Amanda Stone. In the video, shot on location at the film set and not-inaccurately self-described “retro glamour house” House of Adora, the camera follows Darling as a narrative parallel to the song plays out.

Check it out above and find the single on your favorite streaming service. Keep an eye on Darling’s Instagram for updates on shows and new releases.

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