My memory has had a hard time keeping a grip on little things about the way life was before the COVID-19 pandemic. More than once I’ve had to stop myself from tucking a napkin into my collar at a restaurant, which I definitely do all the time at home. But major things are easy to remember, like how exhausting it can be to try and manage a life and a career when so much is happening so fast, and trying to keep up feels overwhelming.

The struggle to keep up with the speed of life informs “The Slow Down,” a new single from soul and R&B outfit Amanda Broadway Band that lands on streaming platforms Friday. It’ll be out via Electric 3 Records, the same indie that released the group’s album The Ache in February 2020 just before everything went haywire. We’re very pleased to premiere the track a little early for you in the embed above.

The incredibly slow countoff sets the mood for the rich-voiced Broadway to salute a change of pace and express her openness to the lessons that can come from it. Only at the bridge does the singer speed up, rushing out more syllables as she sings, “I don't want to live that way anymore / It don't deserve me” while the rhythm section ambles and horns swell gently.

“While the shutdown was obviously devastating in so many ways, one silver lining was that so many people (myself included) got the break that their minds and bodies so desperately needed,” Broadway says in a note to the Scene. “As we resume and rearrange our lives, I've been striving to move at a slower, healthier pace and to avoid comparison with others.”

Check out the song above and keep an eye on Broadway’s website and social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) for links to stream it on your favorite service.

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