Sunshine Taco Shop

You know what’s better than finding a great neighborhood taco shop? Finding a great neighborhood taco shop that also sells rolled quesadillas. I’d never had a rolled quesadilla, so I didn’t know what I was missing — but now that I’ve tasted the sweet Southern California manna, I don’t know how I’ll be able to stay away. It’s like a fried burrito stuffed with steak and melted cheese, or a fat quesadilla that you have to eat with both hands.

Sunshine Taco Shop is a modest storefront in Hermitage that I’d driven past lots of times before finally deciding to stop in, and right away I could tell it was special. The staples are fantastic — I love the spicy pork and fish tacos ($2.89 and $2.99, respectively). But it’s the over-the-top add-ons that push Sunshine into extraordinary territory. Sure, you could have fresh-made churros — but you can also get fresh-made Oreo churros ($1.49 for regular and $2.49 for the Oreo ones). You can order a fajita burrito — but you can also request that it be covered with cheese and deep-fried ($8.59 for regular and $10.08 for the upgrade). The rolled quesadilla in question is big enough to share, and at $8.99, cheap enough to order a second to go. 

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