Cheap Eats: Sam’s Kabab Gyro — Lunch Special — $5.99

Sam’s Kabab Gyro — Lunch Special — $5.99

At many gyro spots around town, it’s easy to drop almost eight bucks on a single pita sandwich, and that’s before you spring for fries and a drink. Well, here’s a little secret for you: Most gyro meat cones come from one of a few large processing plants in the Chicago area. They’re delivered to gyro joints around the country to display behind their counters. So there’s likely not a huge difference between your favorite kebab shop and somebody else’s.

The key is volume and value. The folks at Sam’s Kabab Gyro in Bellevue Plaza know what makes a great gyro, and their lunch special includes a darned respectable one, plus seasoned fries and a fountain drink for less than $6 — so they’ve got value covered. On the volume side, they must use Kevlar pitas, because their gyros are the size of a 16-inch softball (the kind that also comes from Chicago). The servers’ tongs fairly fly as they double-stuff the flatbread with sliced gyro meat and two passes through the veggie garden for cukes, onions, lettuce, parsley and a final squirt of sauce. Be prepared for some playful banter and teasing from the counter staff. They like to have fun at Sam’s!

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