Cheap Eats: Graze — Chorizo Con Papas — $10

Cheap Eats: Graze — Chorizo Con Papas — $10PHOTO: ERIC ENGLAND

Opened in 2016, East Nashville’s Graze comes to us from the same folks who run The Wild Cow, which operates just around the corner and also features a vegan menu. Graze’s chorizo con papas — a quinoa-and-faux-chorizo hash wrapped in a chewy tortilla — is a hearty and healthy dish, and a menu standout. The wrap is placed on top of a spring mix with a tangy guacamole salad on the side. I’m not a vegan, but the flavors in the seitan chorizo had such a nice roasted taste that I didn’t miss the meat for a second: The flavor is surprisingly authentic, and the combination of savory potatoes, quinoa, spinach and chewy seitan make the wrap a simple yet irresistible treat. The potatoes in the burrito have a smoky taste — the flavor is addictive. If you’re a meat-eater who wants to try something new, this dish is a good one to start with. And if you already stick to a plant-based diet, here’s a great one to add to your rotation.

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