It may be better than the burger. If you’ve been to Bare Bones Butcher, you know them’s fighting words. The year that Wesley Adams and Patrick Davidson opened their Nations shop, the Scene named their burger the best in Nashville, and we stand by that. I tell everyone who visits that it’s the must-order item. But that was called into question when I recently tried a triumphant, gluttonous little beauty called The Hot Ham.  

It starts, as all epic sandwiches do, with great meat. Thin slices of house-made ham — cured for a week, then smoked — are layered with melted white cheddar on a fluffy, griddled Charpier’s bun. One-half of the bun is smeared with a rich herb mayo, the other with a sweet, tangy fig spread. In the summer, Patrick makes it with peach-and-pepper jam, but whatever the slather, the result is the same: a salty-sweet, melty, hot mess that evokes all kinds of Southern-food memories. It’s as classic and simple as ham with honey mustard and as addictive as Funeral Sandwiches (aka the upscale Krystal-ish sliders that are instantly devoured on every buffet). It is gussied-up comfort food at its finest. If you don’t believe me, believe Wesley, who lovingly calls this sandwich “The Sleeper.”

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