The Mobile Bar

Of course you wouldn’t get behind the wheel after leaving the bar ... but if the bar itself is on wheels and can come to you, well, that sure makes things easier. Adam Lathan, best known for his The Gumbo Bros restaurant in the Gulch, is launching his next project, which is just that — The Mobile Bar, a cocktail bar on wheels that comes to you.

The idea behind The Mobile Bar is a customizable experience for private parties and events, be they team networking events, bachelorette parties, watching the big game or even just making your next dinner party next-level. You book the bar, they come up with custom drinks (and yes, there are frozen drinks) based on your theme and specifications. Then they send the bartender for you to the location of your choosing.

“We started as caterers and hosted pop-ups and were looking to get back into catering,” Lathan says. “As things continue to open up in a post-pandemic world, we thought it would be a fun project to bring the bar to you.”

The Mobile Bar is mostly about the cocktails, but they also serve some food, including charcuterie and passed hors d’oeuvres. While Lathan & Co. don't want to pigeonhole themselves into the kind of Cajun cooking for which The Gumbo Bros are known, yes, there will be options for shrimp boils and fresh oysters.

Signage in front of the photo-friendly blue-and-white trailer can be customized for your theme too. When not booked for an event, Lathan plans to park The Mobile Bar in a parking lot in Germantown and elsewhere around town for pop-up fun. Follow them on social media for upcoming locations.

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