There are reasons to go to the Gulch — the Station Inn, the Gulch Greenway and the Nashville Scene offices, to name three. I didn’t think a cheap lunch was one of them. But now, thanks to The Gumbo Bros, which opened in March in the old Bar Otaku space, it is.

Chef Adam Lathan’s menu is chock-full of New Orleans-style dishes, including a new tasting trio of gumbo. For just $14, you get decent-size (10 ounces each) servings of three different gumbos. There’s the traditional seafood style with shrimp, made based on Lathan’s nanny’s recipe; a Cajun chicken and sausage; and the Gumbo Z’Herbes, which knocked my socks off. That third option is a vegan and gluten-free gumbo made with kale, collards, parsley and roasted veggie stock. No, it isn’t as thick as Nanny’s, but it is textured and rich enough to be hearty and satisfying. If you don’t want the trio, just choose one (and make it the Gumbo Z’Herbes) for $5. Want a little extra something with your soup? Get a side of fried green tomatoes ($6), which have a secret ingredient (Rice Krispies!) in the batter to keep them from getting soggy. The Gumbo Bros is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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