Bike on Pedestrian Bridge

Nashville B-cycle

Nashville B-cycle is an hourly bike rental service, where you just swipe your credit card at a B-station, grab a bike and go. Take it wherever you’d like — Nashville has a lot of beautiful, mostly flat greenways — then return it to any B-station throughout the city.

Electric scooters

Those dockless electric scooters you see on the sidewalk and perched on various street corners? They’re relatively easy to get around on, and they’re definitely cheap. Just download the app of one of the many competing brands — Lime and Bird, to name just two — find a nearby scooter with some battery life left in it, and hop on. Both Bird and Lime scooters cost $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute of riding. Riders are encouraged to wear helmets, though they aren’t technically required — but keep the scooter off the sidewalk, or you could land yourself a fine.

Joyride Nashville

Want a quick lift from the Gulch to Lower Broad? Just wave down one of the many Joyride golf carts you’ll no doubt see zipping through the streets of downtown. The rides are free, but tips are very much appreciated.


Lyft is an on-demand personal driver service that you utilize through a smartphone app, but it’s staffed by regular folks so the prices tend to be more affordable than a cab. Watch out for surge pricing, though.


Like Lyft, Uber is an on-demand car service that you can summon from your smartphone. It will take you to and from anywhere downtown and the nearby neighborhoods, and even as far out as Brentwood and Franklin

Nashville MTA

If you’re hoping to get to or from downtown, the bus is a great, cheap option. The fare is just $1.70 (and exact change is not needed), so you can get downtown from the airport for under two bucks! 

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