There’s been a Pangaea-size hole in my heart ever since the beloved Hillsboro Village gift shop permanently closed in 2019, but The Golden Slipper is doing a fantastic job filling it. The charming little shop, which quietly opened in the summer of 2020 while most of us were still in lockdown, brings a ray of sunshine to the Germantown neighborhood. The brainchild of Abbey Moore, the store features a stylish, eclectic mix of home goods, paper supplies, gourmet foods, accessories, whosits, whatsits and thingamabobs. Moore strikes the right balance between playful and chic with offerings that include everything from signature candles (that smell fucking amazing!) and pretty puzzles to unique barware and literally everything you need to build a kick-ass charcuterie board. It’s the type of place that sells quirky Golden Girls memorabilia next to locally made artwork. With a thoughtful selection of items for kids, men and pets, it’s the perfect place to buy a gift for anyone on your list for any occasion, or to treat yourself to something pretty for surviving yet another day in this hellscape. And one lingering benefit of the pandemic is that the boutique offers a full-service online store with curbside pickup available. 

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