<i>It's All Your Fault</i>: It's EVERYONE'S Fault

Welcome to a very special edition of It's All Your Fault, where hosts Michael Gallagher, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling literally scream into the mics for 60 minutes. 

Just kidding. Kind of.

Not a lot is working out for the Nashville Predators right now, so this week's episode asks the question: Is it time for a rebuild? If so, what would that look like? Should the Preds keep promising young guys like Eeli Tolvanen, Rem Pitlick and Alexandre Carrier? And what kind of return would the team get on some of their highest-paid but underperforming players?

Also discussed: Why won't John Hynes play Eeli Tolvanen? SERIOUSLY, IT'S GETTING RIDICULOUS.

Plus: What went down during that players-only meeting? Was it too little, too late?

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