What We Know About the Fatal Police Shooting of Daniel Hambrick

"He was running from the police; whoever's child this is, this man is dead."

Those were the words of an increasingly distraught woman narrating a smart phone video that appears to show the aftermath of the fatal police shooting of a young black man in North Nashville Thursday evening. As onlookers share the man's identity and urge people watching to contact his family, they can be heard saying that police have put the man in handcuffs even as he lays seemingly lifeless on the sidewalk near the intersection of 17th Avenue North and Jo Johnston Avenue. (Warning: The video, posted on Facebook by Scoop: Nashville, is distressing.)

Here's what we know: 

Authorities have identified the man who was shot and killed as a 25-year-old African-American man named Daniel Hambrick. The officer who shot him, Metro Nashville Police confirmed, is 25-year-old Andrew Delke — a white officer assigned to the Juvenile Crime Task Force who graduated from the MNPD Academy in December 2016.  

At an initial briefing Thursday night, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesperson Josh DeVine offered law enforcement's preliminary version of the events

Earlier this evening, officers from the department’s Juvenile Crimes Task Force were looking throughout the North Nashville area for stolen vehicles and, at a location several miles away, happened to see a vehicle travelling in an erratic pattern. An officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver did not and instead fled the area. Officers did not give chase. Instead, they expanded their search area and located the vehicle in the area of 17th Avenue North and Jo Johnston Avenue. An officer initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle stopped and a subject, identified as Daniel Hambrick (DOB 6-1-93), reportedly emerged from the vehicle with a firearm in his hand. The situation escalated from there, and resulted in at least one Metro Police officer firing his service weapon several times, striking Hambrick. There was at least one other individual in the vehicle who drove off from the immediate area and abandoned the vehicle nearby. Medics transported Hambrick from the scene for medical treatment, but he died a short time later. No law enforcement officers sustained injury in the incident.

DeVine said that there is no body camera or dashboard camera footage of the shooting, but that authorities are looking to see if any nearby surveillance cameras might have captured it.The Metro Council

approved funding to begin installing body and dashboard cameras a year ago


Under an agreement reached in the wake of 2017's fatal police shooting of Jocques Clemmons, the TBI is supposed to investigate any incident in which a Nashville police officer shoots and kills someone. Still, within around an hour of the shooting, MNPD had tweeted a photo of the gun they say Hambrick was carrying. Later, the department released Hambrick's mug shot and soon some news outlets were reporting the details of his criminal record. Both of those actions by the department — part of a familiar pattern seen in police shootings — seemed to prematurely suggest that the shooting was justified and were quickly questioned on that basis.

DeVine told reporters that it's not yet clear whether Hambrick had been ordered to get out of the car and whether he pointed his gun at police officers before Delke fired on him. Authorities have not released information about where and how many times Hambrick was shot. 

The shooting comes as a coalition of activists are entering the final week of a petition drive to force a referendum on creating a community oversight board for Metro police. That movement grew out of community response to the Clemmons shooting, for which Officer Josh Lippert was neither criminally charged nor fired by the MNPD. 

Update (11:30 a.m.):

After reviewing "video and other evidence gathered as part of this ongoing investigation" the TBI has released an updated version of its "understanding of the facts of this incident. They say the shooting took place after Hambrick ran from police. 

A short time later, while circulating the parking lot of the John Henry Hale Apartments, near the corner of 17th Avenue North and Jo Johnston Avenue, the officer re-encountered the three male occupants of the vehicle. The video indicates they had exited the vehicle as the officer entered the parking lot. It also indicates one of the three males, likely the driver of the vehicle, Daniel Hambrick (DOB 6-1-93), turned and ran from the officer. A foot pursuit ensued for a short time and, at one point, based upon the video, Hambrick appears to have a dark-colored object in his hand. The situation escalated further, for reasons still under investigation, and resulted in the officer firing his service weapon several times, striking Hambrick. Medics transported Hambrick from the scene for medical treatment, but he died a short time later. Agents recovered a handgun at the scene. No law enforcement officers sustained injury in the incident.

The TBI adds that "it does not appear video captured the entirety of the incident.

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