NASHVILLE, TN - 2021.10.24 - Titans vs Chiefs

Derrick Henry carries the ball as the Titans face off against the Kansas City Chiefs at Nissan Stadium, Oct. 24, 2021

Someone who is good at betting (not you, Mayor Cooper) please explain to me how the Indianapolis Colts are 2.5-point favorites over the Tennessee Titans this week. 

Let's compare résumés. In six days, the Titans (5-2) defeated the Buffalo Bills, the sexy pick to win the AFC this season, and the Kansas City Chiefs, the defending AFC champions. The Colts (3-4) have wins against the Texans, Dolphins and 49ers (combined record: 4-16).

Indy does feature the league's second-leading rusher. Jonathan Taylor has 579 yards rushing, a mere 290 yards behind league-best Derrick Henry.

Facts about Derrick Henry are great because they are simultaneously surreal and believable. Consider this: If Henry had rushed for 86 yards (his total last week against Kansas City) every week this season, he'd still be 23 yards ahead of Taylor. 

Derrick Henry has 10 rushing touchdowns this season and scored a two-point conversion. (Yes, he also threw a touchdown pass, but for statistical purposes, points on a passing touchdown are attributed to the receiver and not the passer under the last-touch rule.) That's 62 points, good enough for fourth in the NFL. He is the only non-kicker in the top 10, and he's just four points behind league-leading Matt Prater.

As for Sunday, yes, the Colts are better than they were Sept. 26 when the Two-Toners beat them 25-16 at Nissan Stadium. Carson Wentz seems to have settled in some, and yes, Taylor is rushing the ball well. The defense held San Francisco to 280 yards last week (with the caveat that the game was held in driving rain). And the Colts are at home. 

Should the underdog (lol) Titans win Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium, Tennessee will have a three-game lead in the AFC South and a massive tiebreaker over Indy by virtue of the season sweep.

CBS sends Spero Dedes and Jay Feely for the call of the game. Kickoff is noon on Halloween.

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