On Thursday, the Scene published a cover story by reporter Radley Balko detailing the ways in which codes violations have been weaponized to harass residents, specifically Black and low-income Nashvillians in gentrifying areas.

In the wake of Balko's story, Mayor John Cooper's office issued the following statement on Friday afternoon:

Mayor Cooper is grateful for the important work Metro Codes does everyday keeping our city clean and safe, and for the process in place that allows residents to provide submissions without fear of retaliation from their neighbors, or tenants to do the same without putting their relationship with their landlord at risk. That said, there are serious allegations raised in the Scene’s recent reporting, and the Mayor has requested Metro Codes leadership, in consultation with Metro Legal, to conduct a review to determine not only the validity of the specific claims, but also how together we can strengthen the process so it’s both more effective and more equitable. For anyone to take advantage of the Codes system to place unjust burdens on disadvantaged residents or communities of color is wholly unacceptable to Mayor Cooper and Metro Codes leadership. We look forward to updating residents and briefing Metro Council on our progress as this work moves forward. 

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